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Maverick Corporation and Maverick Molding Company are sister companies recognized throughout the world as leading experts in high temperature polyimide composites. Located near Cincinnati, OH USA Maverick is focused on delivering the highest temperature, best performing polyimide products in the market. We are agile, high-tech companies operating on a simple promise: Let Innovation Run Wild!

Maverick Corporation was founded in 1993 by Dr. Robert Gray and Mr. Eric Collins. The company’s cornerstones are research, development and large volume manufacturing of polyimide resins for high temperature environments. Maverick products are manufactured using green, non-toxic formulations with service temperatures from 400°F (204°C) to over 700°F (371°C). Our formulations include high temperature resin systems and Superimide® Molding Compounds. Maverick's resin products are available for purchase as follows:

Maverick Molding Company was founded in 2004 in response to customer demand for small, high temperature compression molded parts for the jet engine and industrial packaging markets. All Maverick Molding components are produced exclusively from Maverick’s high temperature Superimide® resins and molding compounds. Efficiency is maximized in our high volume production facility using 6-Sigma and lean manufacturing techniques. Our fully certified components are available as:

Our companies have a proven history of developing advanced materials and transitioning technologies into commercial applications. We team with our customers to engineer high tech solutions tailored to their needs. We set the industry standard for quality, on time delivery and customer service. Our companies are certified State of Ohio small businesses and have earned the most current ISO and AS9100 accreditations.

Maverick continues to “raise the bar” by exceeding customer expectations. Contact us to see what Maverick can do for you.

At Maverick, Innovation Runs Wild!

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