Superimide High Temperature Molding Compounds

Maverick Corporation’s Superimide® is a line of resins and molding compounds for high-temperature composite applications. Our sister company, Maverick Molding, processes these resins and compounds into molded parts for use in engines, machines, and other high-temperature environments. These parts provide high thermal stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent friction and wear performance. Maverick does not sell unprocessed molding compounds externally. However, please contact Maverick Molding Company for more information on purchasing finished parts manufactured from the following base materials:

ProductUse Temp1 -°F (°C)
MVK-19700 (371)
SC-610700 (371)
SC-510675 (357)
SM-438650 (343)
SM-456625 (330)
T-100600 (316)
T-115600 (316)
K-210575 (302)
K-210-1 SMC575 (302)

1Superimide® materials are capable of thousands of hours of service at or below their recommended use temperatures. Shorter service life is possible above the recommended use temperature.

Disclaimer: The data listed herein fall within the normal range of properties but should not be used to establish specification limits or used alone as the basis of design. Maverick Corporation assumes no obligations or liabilities for any advice furnished or for any results obtained with respect to this information. All such advice is given and accepted at buyer’s risk.

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