Industrial Packaging

Can Forming Machinery – Our self-lubricating long life bearings provide maximum uptime in this high speed production environment. This application requires very tight tolerances in order to produce the uniform wall gauge cans.

Blow Molding – Our stretch rod guides keep the PET preform gate centered for uniform bottle wall gauge.  The Superimide® bushings are self-lubricating and extremely long life. Reheat oven temperatures are no problem for K-210.

 Injection Molding – Maverick materials are used in several injection molding applications including thermal insulators on PET injection nozzle tips.  Maverick's T-115 material is the perfect choice for this application. SC-510 is our selection for high temperature bearings located next to the 600°F heater bands. This material can really take the heat.

Capping – Our K-210 bearings are used in high speed rotary capper heads. Our bearings provide years of service without the use of lubricants. This reduces maintenance costs and increases productivity.

Food and Beverage Fillers – Maverick bearings provide years of life in hot fill, aseptic and cold fill beverage filling machines. Our self-lubricating materials are perfect for food and beverage filling lines.  GMP is improved, maintenance costs are reduced, and down time is kept to a minimum.

Glass Handling – Maverick Superimide ® materials deliver a superior level of performance for hot handling of glass bottles and containers. The unique properties of Superimide® yield superior thermal insulation and reduced oil absorption while offering higher impact and wear resistance than conventional glass handling parts.

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