SC 510



Superimide® SC-510 is a high temperature, polyimide composite developed for extreme applications, including jet engine and industrial bushings and washers. Components fabricated from SC-510 offer an optimal blend of mechanical, thermal and wear perfomace to over 675°F (357°C). 

Superimide® SC-510 is available exclusively from Maverick Molding Company as engineered, fully-certified components designed to exceed customer requirements.   


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Typical Properties

Mechanical PropertiesTemperatureTest MethodUnitsTypical Values
Tensile StrengthRTASTM D638Ksi14.0
Tensile ModulusRTASTM D638Msi1.2
Tensile Elongation @ BreakRTASTM D638%2.7
Tensile Strength500°F (260°C)ASTM D638Ksi8.0
Tensile Modulus500°F (260°C)ASTM D638Msi0.4
Tensile Elongation @ Break500°F (260°C)ASTM D638%2.4
Compressive StrengthRTASTM D695Ksi36.0
Compressive ModulusRTASTM D695Msi1.2
Compressive Strength500°F (260°C)ASTM D695Ksi21.0
Compressive Modulus500°F (260°C)ASTM D695Msi1.0
Shear StrengthRTASTM D5379Ksi-
Shear ModulusRTASTM D5379Msi-
Flexural StrengthRTASTM D790Ksi16.0
Flexural ModulusRTASTM D790Msi1.1
Flexural Strength500°F (260°C)ASTM D790Ksi12.0
Flexural Modulus500°F (260°C)ASTM D790Msi0.85
Physical PropertiesTemperatureTest MethodUnitsTypical Values
 Density RT ASTM D792 (g/cm^3 1.51
 Poisson's Ratio RT ASTM D638 - 0.27
 Hardness, Rockwell “E” RT ASTM D785 - 90
 Dry Tg  RT – 750°F ASTM E1640°F (°C) 700 (371)
 Wet Tg RT – 750°F ASTM E1640°F (°C) -
 Moisture Absorption RT - - -
CTE Parallel to Molding DirectionRT to 450°FASTM E831In-inE-6/°F27
CTE Transverse to Molding DirectionRT to 450°FASTM E831In-inE-6/°F15
TOS Wt. Loss (100 hrs, 70 psi)700°F (371°C)E50TF534-1.5
TOS Wt. Loss (120 hrs, 150 psi)600°F (316°C)E50TF534--
Wear PropertiesTemperatureTest MethodUnitsTypical Values
Coefficient of FrictionRT to 700°FASTM G99-0.15
Wear @ 30N Load/500 rpm/2 hours400°F (205°C)ASTM G99µm3.2
Wear @ 30N Load/500 rpm/2 hours500°F (260°C)ASTM G99µm11
Wear @ 30N Load/500 rpm/2 hours600°F (316°C)ASTM G99µm14
Thermal ConductivityRTASTM E1225-04BTU/Hrs.ft°F-
Thermal Conductivity662°F (350°C)ASTM E1225-05BTU/Hrs.ft°F-
Specific Heat CapacityRTASTM E1269-05W/mK-
Specific Heat Capacity662°F (350°C)ASTM E1269-06J/kg°C-

Disclaimer: The data listed herein fall within the normal range of properties but should not be used to establish specification limits or used alone as the basis of design. Maverick Molding assumes no obligations or liabilities for any advice furnished or for any results obtained with respect to this information. All such advice is given and accepted at buyer’s risk.

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