Bushings, Sleeves & Washers

Self lubricating, long life, light weight composite wear rings and bushings.

Maverick’s Superimide® Bushings, Sleeves and Washers are designed to perform under dynamic loads in extreme thermal environments of over 700°F (371°C). Our components are used to replace metals, save weight, reduce friction and eliminate grease. They are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can be engineered to meet your needs. Maverick has the capacity to deliver millions of parts per year.


Bushings & Sleeves:

With roots in jet engines, Maverick Superimide® Bushings and Sleeves are designed to meet tight aerospace tolerances and have excellent Thermal Oxidative Stability. Our products reduce customer cost by protecting expensive metal coupling/mating components and reducing weight. They are available in complex shapes constructed from polyimide molding compounds or as continuous fiber reinforced composites with improved strength and fatigue properties. Look to Maverick bushings and sleeves whether your application requires a precise tolerance fit or a flexible compression assembly.


Maverick’s Superimide® Washers are used wherever a durable wear application or sealing solution is needed. Available in polyimide molding compound or fabric reinforced construction, Maverick Washers are manufactured to the most demanding aerospace and industrial standards. Like our Bushings, these Washers exhibit excellent Thermal Oxidative Stability, a key driver for long life and light weight performance. Maverick will engineer Washers to your OD, ID and thickness specifications.

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