2016 High Temple Conference


Maverick will be attending the 36th High Temperature Polymeric Laminate (High Temple) Workshop, administered by the University of Dayton Research Institute. It will be held February 25th - 28th in Palm Springs, CA.  The High Temple Workshops are a series of workshops covering the areas of design, development, and application of high temperature reinforced polymeric (organic) composites. Structural applications of interest typically experience time-temperature relations measured from hours at 500°F-700°F to seconds at 1,400°F. The High Temple Workshops provide opportunities for the high temperature composites community to learn evaluate and review current advances impacting the community.  The Maverick Corporation team will be presenting work entitled:  “Fabrication and Process Optimization of MVK-14 FreeForm® High-Temperature Polyimide/Carbon Fiber Composites.”

TD/SB 01/14/2016

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